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  • 140-3 Crawler BulldozerThe bulldozer is equipped with the engine D9-160 from Shanghai Diesel Engine Company which provides strong driving force, high torque and excellent reliability.
    The machine has optimized design, with a novel ...
  • 165Y-2 Crawler BulldozerThe new type engine from Shanghai Diesel Engine provides large power margin, high torque output, low fuel consumption and high reliability.
    Hydraulically powered ...
  • 410Y-1 Crawler BulldozerUndercarriage system with patented, flexible and shock-absorbing track frame for increased adhesion force and K-bogie design for extended life of track roller.
    Advanced electronic monitoring system to keep track of ...
  • 320Y-1 Crawler Bulldozer The updated hexahedral cab provides outstanding visibility and good tightness.
    The triangle spline and the gear with crowned teeth and tip relief are used in the final drive, which contribute to the uniform loads on the transmission ...