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240E hydraulic excavator is a newly developed E series excavator. It utilizes updated multi-functional monitor and the new microcomputer controller enables the pump hydraulic power matches with the output power from the engine perfectly. Newly designed hydraulic system with excellent reliability improves productivity drastically. The Cummins engine compliant with Tier 2 emission standard is used to ensure high efficiency, environmental protection and fuel saving. Reinforced platform, chassis frame and other parts greatly improve the durability of the machine.

Main Technical Parameters of 240E Hydraulic Crawler Excavator

  Model 240E
Specification Operating weight of total machine 24200Kg
Bucket capacity 1.1m3
Width of track shoes 600mm/800mm
Performance Ground pressure 48Kpa/37.5Kpa
Swing speed 12r/min
Traveling speed (high/low) 5.5/3.5Km/h
Grade ability 35°
Bucket digging force 135KN
Digging force of bucket rod 105KN
Engine Model B5.9-C(6BTAA5.9-C178) Cummins
Type 6 cylinders, turbocharger and aftercooler
Rated power 133kW/2000rpm
Hydraulic system Type of hydraulic pump 2×Variable flow axial piston pump+1×Gear pump
Method of power adjustment Gross power adjustment + variable power + negative flow control
Main safety valve adjusted power 29.4/31.4Mpa
Travel axial piston motor 2×Variable flow axial piston motor
Swing motor 1×Fixed flow axial piston motor
Working range (mm) Max. working radius 10360
Max. digging depth 6930
Max. digging height 9730
Max. dump height 6810
Min. swing radius 3920
Overall dimensions (mm) Length of track on ground 3840
Length of track 4646
Ground clearance of counter weight 1070
Tail swing radius 2950
Total length 10045
Total height 3280
Min. ground clearance 460
Track gauge 2390
Total width 2990/3120
Width of track shoes 600/800
Height of track shoes 950
Total height (Cab) 3010
Top width 2840

Cummins Turbocharged Engine (Original)
1. The Cummins turbocharged engine used for the crawler excavator provides world-class technology, powerful drive and low noise.
2. The total fuel consumption of the machine is evidently lower than other machines of its kind. The eco-friendly, energy saving excavator is designed to be compliant with Tier 2 emission standards.
3. The imported cyclone air cleaner helps prolong its lifetime and reduce the maintenance cost.

KAWASAKI Hydraulic System (Original)
1. The hydraulic pump comes with total power control, and the negative flow matches the power output from engine perfectly. This helps ensure high energy efficiency, and each flow changes proportionally.
2. The main valve has the functions of flow dividing, collecting, regenerating, straight travel, interlocking etc.
3. The revolving frame comes with wear-free hydraulic brake, and mechanical delayed locking ensures no impact and extended lifetime.

Japan NABTESCO Undercarriage Chassis
Intelligent dual-speed switchover guarantees smooth start and no impact. The normally-closed wet disc brake improves safety in grade braking.

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