165Y-2 Crawler Bulldozer

165Y is an updated bulldozer designed and manufactured by we. The crawler bulldozer features reasonable structure, easy operation, high reliability, high productivity and is easy to maintain, and fuel saving. It uses new heat removal system for good heat balance, superior hydraulic and electric systems for stable performance, and new, low-noise cab for maximum comfort.

1. The crawler bulldozer comes with optimized outer design.
2. The new type engine from Shanghai Diesel Engine provides large power margin, high torque output, low fuel consumption and high reliability.
3. Hydraulically powered, the machine offers automatic speed regulation, and gear shifting without stopping.
4. The three-element, single-stage and single-phase torque converter features high efficiency and large capacity.
5. The updated hexahedral cab provides outstanding visibility and good tightness.
6. The triangle spline and the gear with crowned teeth and tip relief are used in the final drive, which contribute to the uniform loads on the transmission components, high stability and extended lifetime of the parts.
7. The crawler bulldozer uses new blade which is durable and capacious.
8. Alarm monitoring system is efficient and reliable.
9. Controls are piloted to maximize ease of use for the operator.
10. The bulldozer has great drawbar pull, and high working efficiency.
11. Various options are available including U blade for mining, large size water tank for operating in desert, cold weather starting aid for operating in the areas with cold weather, ROPS and FOPS cab with air conditioning or with heating system, LGP track frame for operating in swamp terrain, and more.

Technical Data

Length×Width×Height (without Ripper) 4996×3416×3240
Operating Weight (t) 17.8
Flywheel HP (km/rpm) 122/1850
Track Gauge 1880
Ground Contact Length(mm) /Pressure(Mpa) 2430/0.064
Forward Speeds(km/h) 3.8/6.6/10.6
Reverse Speeds(km/h) 4.9/8.5/13.6
(Blade) Max. Drop below Ground (mm) 530
(Ripper) Max. Dig below Ground (mm) 572
(Blade) Max. Lift above Ground (mm) 1090
(Ripper) Max Lift above Ground (mm) 492
Gradeability (º) 30°
Blade Capacity (m3) 3.95/4.8
Engine C6121ZG57
No. of Track Rollers (each side) 6
No. of Track Shoes (each side) 37
Track Width(mm) 560
Track Pitch(mm) 203.2
Blade Type Straight-tilt/U Blade
Blade Size Width×Height (mm) Straight-tilt 3416×1180 / U 3400×1180
Ripper 3 shank

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